Ukrainian soldiers forced to leave their positions.

Russian armed men entered in a position of defense of Ukraine in the Crimea, and took it over without firing a single shot.
200 unarmed men invaded the airbase Novofedorivka.
Russian forces then surrounded the Ukrainian troops aligned and disarmed. These have turned their backs on Russian soldiers sang their national anthem and shouted "Glory to Ukraine".
This Russian annexation is due to the fall of the former Ukrainian president (pro-Russian) Viktor Yanukovych fallen for "abuse of power and murder."
a second invasion took place in Belbek Air Base.

After a vote, the population of Crimea has chosen to be pro-Russian, Russian flag flutters in public places of Crimea.

Crimea is Ukrainian region.

The decision of Mr. Zuckerberg to accept a salary of $ 1 per year is similar to that of other founders of start- up ( inovateurs , startup ).

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has earned $ 3.3 billion ( £ 1.9bn ) from the sale of stock options in 2013 , a new regulatory filing revealed .
Mr. Zuckerberg has now exhausted its options offering of shares as a result of the public offering of Facebook .
Facebook(society) gave him 60 million shares to help in its draft tax legislation .
His base salary for 2013 fell to $ 1, like other technology leaders such as Larry Page of Google and former Apple boss Steve Jobs. However, his total compensation for the year was $ 653,165 , down from $ 1.99 million in 2012 .
Facebook said that the majority of what was to pay for flights on private jets, which are considered necessary for safety reasons . Zuckerberg still holds 426,300,000 shares of Facebook, worth about $ 25.7bn .
Actions in the social networking giant has more than doubled in value over the past year , as Facebook has exceeded reported because of its strong mobile advertising sales expected earnings .

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